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Virtual tour events April 18 & 29, 2021

 The College Board is hosting 2 FREE virtual tours.  See their website for full list of schools and other details. You must register to attend. There will be multiple events during each time slot for you to choose from.  If you do not have a College Board account yet, don't forget to use that NEW email I recommended (See post "You've got LOTS of email") the College Board website is where you will register for PSAT/SAT/AP Tests etc. April 18, 2021 - 1PM AK time (4:00-8:00 PM ET) Midwest:  University of Michigan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Chicago, Northwestern, WashU, etc. April 29, 2021 - 2PM AK time (5:00-9:00 PM ET) Southeast: University of Georgia, Florida State University, Johns Hopkins, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, etc.  Should Freshman or Sophomores register?  If you have time, YES!  Hopefully this virtual Covid world we are in is temporary.  One of the perks is events like this.  Who knows if these opportunities wi

Timing is Everything!

Should I apply Restricted Early Application or Early Application or Regular Application or Rolling Admission?  It depends on how prepared you are in the fall and when you want to know.  Maybe you want to take the SAT one more time.  Maybe you need more time to lock in good recommendations.  If you are going to apply later in the fall or winter make sure you finish strong - NO Senior-itis! FYI All schools have a policy that you have to declare your acceptance & pay a deposit by MAY 1. Binding Restricted Early Application: The tip top schools use these contracts.  Think Ivy League.  You only sign this contract when the school is your absolute #1 choice.  You are not allowed to apply anywhere else! You are declaring if you get in, you will go there!   If you do not get admitted, then you continue applying elsewhere. Every school is different.  Check the fine print of the policy and make sure you follow the rules! Restricted Early Application Deadline : This is a non-binding early appl