What is WUE?

WUE: Western University Exchange Program 

WICHE: Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

 WUE is great for Alaskan's or other participating states who want to go to school out of state and get in state tuition.

Let's face it our local in-state tuition college choices are limited: University of Alaska - Anchorage and University of Alaska - Fairbanks. 

If you want to see the world outside of Alaska, and potentially pay in-state tuition still, you need to check out the WUE program.  Basically colleges in other states will offer in-state tuition prices just because you are from Alaska (or one of the other participating states). The website gives a complete list of participating schools by state.


Not every program/major is included!

Some schools limit how many they give out, so apply early (see post: Timing is everything)

Some schools consider you automatically.  Others you must contact them or apply.

Feel free to comment and share your experiences or ask questions.

Thanks for spending time with me. 

<> Sandra

WUE program  click on the "WUE savings finder" tab to see the list of schools  and their details.


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