When should I start looking at colleges?

My short answer is yesterday!

It's never too early to start looking at colleges.  Since we live in Alaska, it is hard to travel to the lower 48 to visit schools.  Any time we traveled, we went to visit schools.  They may not get the full picture when you are 10, but you get a good  idea. 

If you are reading this, then you are ready to start looking.  Use online resources or buy them and start researching! 

US News college resource periodical 

US News college resource

Princeton Review college resource 

Some schools have summer programs.  Think camp.  Look for programs that your in to:  music, sports, STEM, etc.  Its is a great way to check places out.  I noticed a few schools have general programs for incoming high school juniors.  Check out college websites for more information under the admissions tab.

2020 COVID caution:  Every state is different.  Check the local regulations and the schools website for details on in person tours and programs.   As a result of Covid, a lot of schools have virtual tours on the websites right now.  They also have an archive of presentations and virtual events from every department on campus.  Students need to take advantage of this and start virtual touring now! They may delete those as things open up.  

Virtual Visit Suggestion: Have a theme night/week/month.  Pick one state each night/week/month and explore that area online. Take the virtual college tours. Watch movies or shows based in that area.  Eat food from the area.  The "Arial America" series on the Smithsonian Channel gives you a good idea of what the community is like.  Aerial America


Feel free to comment and share your experiences or ask questions.

Thanks for spending time with me.

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