You've got LOTS of email...

The best piece of advice I was given years ago was to create a new and separate email for the college bound student.  You may also want a new parent email dedicated to college info. too because parents get CC'd  on things once applications are submitted.  I don't remember who told me that, but I appreciate the wisdom! Google makes it so easy to create new accounts.  Our family has a dozen emails for every different job in our lives: personal, school, sports, shopping, etc.  The first time you will probably need this email address is as a sophomore registering on the College Board website for PSAT.  Be sure write it on the form the day of the test.  It will be used many times after that:

College Board website to register for PSAT/SAT/AP classes

ACT Registration

College Fairs  (sponsored at University of Alaska in the fall) 

College Websites

The Common App


The moment you enter an email you will get bombarded with information.  If you already used an existing email, try to change current accounts so everything is consolidated. 

Feel free to comment and share your experiences or ask questions.

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